St Paul's C of E Primary School

St Pauls Church of England Gloucester






Leadership Team:

Headteacher                                                    Mrs Steph Matthews

Deputy Headteacher                                      Mrs Jayne Bevan

Assistant Headteacher                                    Mrs Claire Brindley

School Business Manager                                Mrs Magda Reynolds


EYFS / Phase 1 Lead                                         Miss Emma Elliott

Phase 2 Lead                                                    Miss Kirsty Morrison

Phase 3 Lead                                                    Mr Steve Flower

Teaching Team:

Year 6 Teacher                                         Mr Steve Flower

Year 5 Teacher                                         Mrs Rachel Ford-Thomson

Year 4 Teacher                                         Mrs Louise Goode

Year 3 Teacher                                         Miss Bethan Hankinson

Year 2 Teacher                                         Miss Kirsty Morrison 

EYFS / Phase 1 Teachers                          Miss Emma Elliott,  Mrs Lisa Darley,            

                                                                    Mrs Tracy Matthews and Mrs Kirstin Chambers

PPA Support                                              Miss Sam Price

                                                                   Mrs Holly Sherbourne-Locke

                                                                    Mr Russell Webber

Lead Practitioner for Pastoral                 Miss Sharon Williams

Support and Wellbeing

SENDCo                                                     Mrs Helen Thackeray  

Teaching Assistants                                  Mrs Sarah Baller

                                                                   Mrs Rachel Bolton 

                                                                   Mrs Kelly Casey

                                                                   Mrs Abbie McClung

                                                                   Miss Fiona Lee

                                                                   Mr Brian Gill

                                                                   Mrs Vikki Pickering

                                                                   Mrs Ewa Potts

                                                                   Miss Louise Robinson    

                                                                   Mrs Sarah Smith

                                                                   Miss Mandy Watson

                                                                   Mrs Sharon White 


Breakfast Club                                         Mrs Jackie Doble and Miss Mandy Watson 


Office Staff:

School Business Manager                               Mrs Magda Reynolds


Administration Assistant (Part Time)               Miss Louise Robinson


Midday Supervisors and Road Safety:                                         

Midday Supervisors                                           Miss Sam Barnes

                                                                            Mrs Susan Beard

                                                                            Mrs Jackie Doble

                                                                            Mrs Kim Hewer

                                                                            Miss Sue Matthews

                                                                            Miss Poppy Richards

                                                                            Mrs Kelly Rudge

                                                                            Mrs Julie Thomas


 Road Safety Patrol                                            Mrs Glenys Davis


Site Management:

Site Manager                                                    Mr Paul Allinson


Cleaners                                                           Miss Sam Barnes

                                                                           Mrs Jackie Doble

                                                                           Miss Kelly Rudge