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How we create an Individual Learning Plan


 There are 3 possible stages to creating an individual learning plan.  Plans may be written at a school level (My Plan), in consultation with other professionals e.g. Educational Psychologists, Advisory Teachers (My Plan+) or as part of a holistic approach with other organisations e.g. Health and Social Care (EHC Plan).


My Plan and My Plan+.

  • My Plan/ My Plan+ will be written for a pupil after agreement between the class teacher, RBL team, child and parents. This usually takes place following the school pupil progress meetings (4x yearly) where staff discuss the children, their progress and any barriers to learning and how these will be addressed.
  • My Plan/ My Plan+ will have a minimum of 2 targets and a maximum of 4 targets.Targets will be developed so that they reflect the needs of the pupil and the availability of resources.  These targets will be linked to class-based targets where appropriate. Targets will be SMART and will all be written in child friendly language using “I will…” and “I can…” statements and will reflect the views of the child and parents and what they want to achieve during their time at St Paul's.
  • The SENCo will check the plan, provide a copy for the parent with a covering letter and keep a copy in the child’s file. The class teacher will use the master copy in class, using the evidence collection sheet to show progress towards each targets and involving the teaching Assistant as appropriate.
  • My Plan/ My Plan+ will be reviewed formally three times a year and new plans written as appropriate.
  • Progress towards My Plan/ My Plan+ targets will be monitored regularly by the SENCo.
  • When placed on the SEN register, children may make progress towards/achieve their targets and their outcomes may significantly improve. As a result, they may then be removed from the SEN register.


EHC Plans.


Some SEND young people may need support from professionals outside of the school setting to achieve a successful learning journey.  If this is the case then those views will be considered in drawing up a EHC Plan.  This could include:
         Parents seeking medical advice about the young person.
         School requesting Educational Psychologist involvement with the young person.
         School requesting advice from specialist disability teams.


This will mean there will be more people at the planning meeting, but everybody will have something to do to help the young person be successful on their learning journey.

This process will ensure that we are able to develop support plans to help families who have asked for our help to support their child because he or she is failing to make good learning progress.  There are many reasons why this may be happening and we are able to offer advice or support to the family depending on their needs.  This has been very successful.


The EHC plan will replace the Statement of Educational Needs.  It will include in one document:
Special education provision, health provision and social care provision.


Gloucestershire LA SEN casework department will be responsible for the plan and reviews will be held at least once a year to make sure that the plan still meets the needs of the child.

Pupil who currently have a Statement of Educational Needs will continue to be provided with support to meet the objectives in part B.