St Paul's C of E Primary School

St Pauls Church of England Gloucester



We deliver lessons through creative themes developed in line with the National Curriculum where first hand experiences are at the heart of the learning.  Learning is organised in 'phases' with two year groups at a time working on the same theme to ensure coverage of all curriculum areas. We also believe that using a phased approach to teaching and learning gives the children opportunity to explore, share and develop their learning experiences more effectively.


Phase 1: Years 1 & 2

Phase 2: Years 3 & 4

Phase 3: Years 5 & 6

Themes include To Infinity and Beyond; Lights, Camera, Action!; It’s all Greek to me; Out of Africa, as well as many more exciting topics. Themes are introduced through a ‘hook’ to engage children in their learning, and finish with a grand finale to celebrate all that has been achieved. Skills-based learning is developed by linking National Curriculum subjects to the topic being studied. This allows children to make purposeful links in their learning.

We are keen to use many local resources to provide challenging and exciting lessons and trips and visits to local areas are regularly timetabled to support learning. All learning is made fun and has a purpose. Children are encouraged to be curious and motivated to acquire skills which will equip them for life.

Our classroom environments reflect all the themes, and inspire children to learn, enjoy, challenge and achieve.

A short video for parents outlining the KS1/KS2 national curriculum tests for 2017 is available on line.  It can be found at: