St Paul's C of E Primary School

St Pauls Church of England Gloucester

R.E. & Collective Worship

Our status as a  Church of England School underpins our ethos, and we celebrate the Christian Festivals of Christmas, Easter, and Harvest.

However we are a multi-faith community at St Paul's and in our teaching also cover the practices and beliefs of other religions and their festivals including Hinduism, Islam and Judaism.

Religious Education is taught throughout the School using the Gloucestershire syllabus and we encourage the children to think about, and draw upon the ethics and codes of religion to help them in forming their opinions and in how they conduct their relationships with others.

To view our Religious Education policy click here.


Collective Worship

School worship is an affirmation and celebration of the Christian foundation, values and ethos of the school. There is a daily act of collective worship at St Paul's. This may either form part of an assembly, which could be whole school or class based, or an act of reflection within a classroom.

At the end of each week, we choose a child from each class, who has displayed our focus value positively to be part of the 'CREW', Collective Religious Education Worship, and their picture is added to the porthole on the ark in the Entrance Hall.


To view our Collective Worship policy click here.