St Paul's C of E Primary School

St Pauls Church of England Gloucester

Bad Weather and Emergency Closures


As extreme bad weather has been predicted over the next few days we wanted to remind you of the procedure if the school is closed.  Nearly all the teaching staff do not live locally and therefore would be unable to get to school even if conditions inGloucesterwere not as bad.  We could not open the school with insufficient teaching staff.


If you think that the school may be closed either check the following websites:



or listen to Heart Radio or BBC Radio Gloucestershire who announce school closures, or phone school after 7.30 am. Please only do this as a last resort as the phone lines will be very busy as we need to inform all the school staff.   Please be patient as when there are a lot of school closures it takes time for the information to filter through to websites and radio stations even though they are informed before 7.00am.