St Paul's C of E Primary School

St Pauls Church of England Gloucester

Staffing and Qualifications


All our staff are involved in and committed to providing education and support for SEND pupils. If you are concerned about your child please contact one of the staff listed below:

Claire Brindley Leader for Inclusion and Equality

Helen Thackeray  SENDCo

Jackie Geatches Family Support Worker

Class Teachers

Steph Matthews Headteacher


Any enquiries about SEND provision at St Paul's should be made to Helen Thackeray

Telephone: 01452 521872.

Some of our staff have additional qualifications which can be used in the individual plan to help your child access the curriculum. These are some of the qualifications:
Dyslexia Screening
Speech & Language
Nurture Group Training
Using Numicon to support children with SEND
Moving and Handling in an Educational Environment Training
Towards Successful Learning
Anger Management
Talk Boost

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