St Paul's C of E Primary School

St Pauls Church of England Gloucester

Teaching, Learning and Assessment

We use data to accurately track student progress. Your child will be set challenging targets. Our challenge is to support your child in attaining the targets.

We share examples of good practice during pupil progress meetings, staff meetings and INSET days. Sharing information enables colleagues to work together to overcome learning barriers.

We regularly celebrate learning achievement in class, through our 'superstars' achievement system and in our weekly celebration assemblies.

How teaching addresses the needs of all learners:

All teaching is differentiated to the individual needs of all pupils. Differentiation may be through adaptations to support, equipment or the task to be completed.  All teachers are expected to show how their lessons are tailored to suit the individual needs of all learners through their planning.

Teachers have a good awareness of how different styles of learning can impact on pupil progress and plan opportunities for children to explore learning through a variety of styles e.g. through visual or hand-on experiences.

Here are some practical examples of how teaching can be adapted for individuals:

  We have provided writing slopes to help a student complete written work in lessons and SATs tests.
  PE lessons are differentiated to include the individual physical needs of our students on a daily basis.
  We have staff trained to help students cope with loss and bereavement.
  Our Learning Plans are planned collaboratively with children and parents.
Visual timetables have been provided to help children with organisational difficulties become more independent throughout the school day.


How children with SEND will be assessed:

Children's understanding is assessed in a variety of different ways.  This may be through careful observation by teachers and other professionals, through evidence shown in supported and independent work and through more formal assessment methods, such as statutory testing.  Where adaptations to assessment arrangements may need to be made, for example, additional time for tests etc, this will be discussed with pupil and parents.


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